Friday, October 28, 2011

Oct. 28th

Dear Diary,

Number of Mini Person kicks to the head: 4
Treats given: 2 (sigh)

Mini Person likes to snuggle. He is NOT very good at it. He bounds over saying things that apparently refers to my species. (Dog? WTF?!! When did this happen?!?!?) Then there's either gentle patting, or a flurry of excited squeaks, strokes and giggles followed by loss of limb control. What do I do with this??!?! Soft Touch and Mother Person tell him to be "gentle." Sure. Just throw down the food, Bucko. That's all I need you for. Misery.

I saw Mother Person get out my skeleton costume. Or, as I refer to it, Johnny from Karate Kid. Johnny, pre-leg sweeping, dresses as a skeleton for Halloween. He then beat the tar out of that sniveling brat, Daniel. I mean, Daniel's pants fit funny and he MAYBE weighted a buck twenty. EAT SOMETHING DANIEL. I don't blame, Johnny, and I like his style sense... so I don't "mind" the skeleton costume, but I refuse to have it be labeled as something so mundane.

Napping. Must nap. But I do enjoy hiding under a good chair. Mini Person will never find me here... or will he... Misery.

Sleepless in NYC,
Beans A Wienerdog

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  1. True, Mini-Person is still learning limb control which makes him a fussy snuggler. Be patient, soon he'll think you're a pillow and then you can complain about that.

    Maggie says the misery she's experiencing is learning how to use pee pads. She thinks it's bullshit.