Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct. 26th

Dear Diary,

Miserable things that have happened since last entry: I lost count
Treats given: like 2... MAYBE

It's sweat-ah weath-ah. I have short fur, and I get chilly when it dips below 65. I've been doning a sporting look these days before I go for the full cable knit mock turtle. In due time, I'll whip that out and look amazing.

By jingo, that's a bold profile! (Please ignore the fact that the "sleeves" had to be rolled up as I do have rather short legs in the front. Merf.)

I went to the park. I "played" with the Mini Person. Or rather, he plundered around trying to hit a ball with a stick while I sniffed. He ate dirt and Mother Person and Capt Soft Touch acted like he was OHHHH SO CUTE! I try to eat an acorn and I'm scolded. Dirt vs acorn-- what seems more like food to you, huh???? Injustice.

I threw up yesterday's sock at 5:45am. The People weren't impressed.

Beans A Wienerdog

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